The Horseshoe Trail

This is a circular walk approximately 1 mile in length and takes around 20 – 30 minutes to walk. The walk takes you around the back of Pentewan down the valley and just into the bluebell woods.

It is a bridle path so walkers and their children and dogs need to give way to any horse and rider that they come across although a meeting is very rare (in 25 years I have only met a horse and rider 3 times) it can happen and the rider has the right to be going faster than a walk or trot should they please.

Dog owners also need to be aware that although it is a great walk off lead for dogs, the fields above both sides are sheep fields and occasionally sheep will stray onto the path or to the sides of the path. It is also very important that your dog does not run up into those fields as the farmer has every right to shoot any dog in their field whether it is bothering the sheep or not. Please be vigilant and keep your dogs on the path and clear any mess that they might create – it is all appreciated.

The walk can be picked up from both the end of North road or Glentowan road both of which run off the main village square.

The North road side is not suitable for wheelchairs, push chairs or bikes as it is a rough path. It can also get quite boggy at the very start although the ground gets better as you walk along.

The Glentowan side has a road surface ascending the initial hill and is a much better path for wheeled transport even once you get off the tarmac. The hill is quite steep and wheelchair users would need assistance unless in a motorised vehicle. Do not attempt to go past Glentowan farm with your wheels though as the path gets very rough once through the gate and connecting the two sides of the walk is a VERY steep hill.

For first time users of this walk I would suggest you start from the North road side for several reasons. The path is easier to follow from this side, the connecting hill in the middle is very steep but going up is safer than going down as it can get very slippery under foot walking down it and finally you get a beautiful view coming towards the end of the walk which overlooks the village and the sea.
Basic walk directions

From the village square walk along North road. At the end go through the gate and follow the path until you arrive at the bridge. Across the bridge and straight up the hill. Two thirds of the way up go through the small gate on your left hand side (the first and only gate you will see) follow the path down to Glentowan farm. Go through the metal gate and walk in front of the two cottages (please stay on the path and respect the residents privacy) keep walking until you get back into the village square with Piskey Cove cafe and shop on your right hand side.

Please ensure all gates you go through are closed properly after you have gone through them (even if you find them open)

Wellies are recommended on wet days or after a period of rain especially for the North road side and sensible shoes with out heels other days. It is wise to walk with another person or to let some one know where you are going just in case you do slip on the middle section and hurt your self.

Wild flower recognition books are a great thing to take especially if you have children walking with you and I recommend that you get children to stand still quietly and try to count how many different bird songs they can hear as that’s often all you can hear on this beautiful walk.