Men’s Sheds

Men’s Sheds provide people with a space to work together on practical projects. At the moment, nearly all are locked down, although some are undertaking jobs in the community and helping with the vaccinations programme. The people who go, called Shedders, normally work on projects for themselves, other charities, and others in the community.

There are over 600 Men’s Shed Sheds across the UK, but in Cornwall there are only one or two Men’s Sheds we know about – And based on most other Counties similar to Cornwall we would expect to see 20 to 30. We want to open more Men’s Sheds in Cornwall. We call them Men’s Sheds, but most Men’s Shed across the UK are open to women, and many Men’s sheds call themselves Community Sheds.

There are huge benefits for Shedders health and well-being to attending Men’s Sheds, and the benefits to their communities are similarly huge.

If you want further information, or would be prepared to take part in our “Shed Happens” radio shows, send us a message of support, or want to know more, please contact us, or please forward this email to people who may be interested.

We are broadcasting a radio show about Men’s Sheds on Falmouth and Penryn’s Community radio station, Source FM on the 12th & 19th February at 4pm. In the show are Shedders Mike King from the St Just in Penwith Men’s Shed, and Nick Hunt from the Tavistock area Men in Sheds. Also there is Rachel Meadows from The UK Men’s Sheds Association. We had pre-recorded features from Dr Julian Abel, and Cornish language extracts from Matthi Clarke.

Men’s Sheds on Falmouth and Penryn’s Community radio station