Past Pentewan

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  • Lynda

    Very interesting as I’m reading EV Thompson’s book – The Restless Sea. All about Pulrudden House in the 1830’s

  • Ekla Edwards

    My great granfer Alfred Rowe was born in the house at ‘Giskey Beach in 1892.

  • john aldred

    The tears are welling in my eyes as I write. My mum and dad were just keeping their heads financially above water during the sixties but, somehow, once a year, they always managed to take me, my late brother and my surviving sister on holiday to Pentewan Sands.

    It was in August in 1968 (when I was twelve) that we embarked on the sad journey home for, what turned out to be, the last time. I am now nearly 63 but still have reoccurring dreams that I am back walking the sandy beach, exploring the rocky coves and again standing on the end of the long lost pier where I caught my first mackerel. Such wonderful memories. I fear that I can never return as the hurt would be overwhelming. Please defend this special place from the ever present threat of over development.

    • Webmaster

      Hi John,

      Thank you for your lovely words. I think all in the village try their best to keep the look and feel the village and beach have. Pentewan and Cornwall more generally is truly a place of magic.

      Best wishes…Paul

  • Sarah Lewis

    My mother recently died, one of the paintings that she had is a large oil of Pentewan Harbour, painted in 1940 by the artist John Haggis. If you are interested I could send you a photo of the painting. I know my parents went to Pentewan to see where the painting had been from.

    Yours Sarah Lewis

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